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Tarot card The Eight of disks

Aries - 2016
Eight of disks

The Eight of disks (pentacles) embodies wisdom and prudence crowned with success. Therefore the Aries tarot horoscope for 2016 recommends focusing on self-discipline and conscientiousness. You can look forward to successfully developing your business, job, private project or hobby. The main source of prosperity (or failure) will be Aries themselves, respectively the proper use of your abilities ... [ whole horoscope ]

Tarot card Three of swords

Taurus - 2016
Three of swords

The tarot card Three of swords heralds the arrival of significant emotions that will come during 2016. Thus the tarot horoscope recalls Taurus that reason and emotion will collide in their life. And this conflict can be very painful. In modern tarot (Rider Waite) are three swords penetrating the heart depicted on the this card, what more clearly illustrates the nature of the possible suffering ... [ whole horoscope ]

Tarot card Three of cups

Gemini - 2016
Three of cups

The tarot card Three of cups indicates that 2016 will be a period of abundance for Gemini, especially in the area of emotions. But even in material aspects cannot Gemini expect hardships. The horoscope calls to focus on the varied landscapes that are in nature around, but also in your own soul. Three of cups signal a time of joy, carelessness, safety and harmonious moments ... [ whole horoscope ]

Tarot card Nine of wands

Cancer - 2016
Nine of wands

The Nine of wands encourages your strength. The tarot horoscope shows 2016 as a season, when it will be necessary for Cancers to give immense amount of energy. The Nine of wands tarot card symbolizes the multitude of tasks (nine burdens) that you have to handle. If your situation allows it, it will be appropriate to rest and gather strength in 2016. Cancer, only this way you will be ready for difficult moments that can get you to the bottom of physical and mental capabilities ... [ whole horoscope ]

Tarot card Devět mečů

Leo - 2016
Nine of swords

The tarot card Nine of swords can cause wrinkles on the Leo's forehead. But only at first glance. The nature of Leo include inherent qualities such as pride, strength and ability. And thanks to these characteristics, most of the Leos will manage to cope with difficult challenges that the tarot horoscope 2016 brings. Leo, the Nine of swords depicts a large and dangerous burden (just imagine how are these swords sharp, tough and you have to deal with them) ... [ whole horoscope ]

Tarot card Wheel of fortune

Virgo - 2016
Wheel of fortune

The Wheel of fortune brings two basic hints to Virgos, on which may they concentrate during 2016. First, the wheel on this tarot card is round (rhythm, cycle, fluctuations of your fate ...) and then the fortune as a happiness (any opportunities that come only once in a while). The tarot horoscope therefore urges Virgo to have eyes open and to be ready to catch your goldfish when it will suddenly appear in front of you ... [ whole horoscope ]

Tarot card Lovers

Libra - 2016

The Lovers tarot card highlights two aspects in the Libra's tarot horoscope. The first one is simply the love (marriage, romance, sin, infidelity, partnership, sexuality ...) and the second one a common dilemma (choice of mind or heart, life choice, decision, finding the right solution ...). Libra, there is many beautiful but also painful associated with love. If you are currently without a partner ... [ whole horoscope ]

Tarot card Empress

Scorpio - 2016

The Empress tarot card shows a monarch who carries a shield with the coat of arms (the defense of traditional values) and royal jewelry (symbol of power). But she is sitting quietly on the throne and does not show her power apparently. The Empress can be seen as a pagan goddess Mother Earth. It is a symbol of fertility, creativity and peaceful ground. The 2016 horoscope primarily recommends Scorpio to focus on the family life ... [ whole horoscope ]

Tarot card Hierophant

Sagittarius - 2016

The Hierophant (High Priest or Belief) is the protective tarot card. The horoscope brings a good fortune to Sagittarians which they will receive whole year 2016. Do not be mislead by a strong Christian symbolism, which is present in the form of the Pope on this card. The interpretation is spiritual but the Hierophant today does not refer directly to the church. It personifies your own faith and confidence, higher values and principles ... [ whole horoscope ]

Tarot card Five of Pentacles

Capricorn - 2016
Five of Pentacles

At first sight the Five of pentacles does not belong to the very positive tarot cards. It highlights the misery, worry and hardship. But the crucial question is whether these adverse effects will occur in real life or just in your mind – that means, whether it will be a real hardship for Capricorns, or just idle concerns. Even though they can certainly cause many sleepless nights. The 2016 horoscope for Capricorn therefore advises to prepare for a challenging year ... [ whole horoscope ]

Tarot card Five of Wands

Aquarius - 2016
Five of Wands

The Five of wands embodies masculine jealousy, ambition, disputes and arguing that as a result clears the air and move forward all involved. The tarot horoscope warns Aquarius that everything in 2016 will not go very smoothly, but main goals are realistic and achievable. It depends on how you will stand the dialogue with your partner, colleagues and rivals ... [ whole horoscope ]

Tarot card Five of Cups

Pisces - 2016
Five of Cups

The Five of cups tarot card presents a great emotional letdown, which can strike the heart of Pisces in depth. Do not succumb to the oppressive feelings in 2016, otherwise you will start to feel vulnerable and fragile. The horoscope encourages Pisces to try to see the world cheerfully despite possible adversity. If your life is poisoned by unpleasant people, think about the reason ... [ whole horoscope ]

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