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Aries - 2018 Horoscope Card

Aries - 2018
The widower

The widower predicts that the Aries people will have to do without something or someone that is still accompanying them in working life. Your career horoscope suggests that, in exceptional cases, you may have to "say goodbye" to the actual work, and 2018 may thus represent an unexpected change in your career ... [ whole horoscope ]

Taurus - 2018 Horoscope Card

Taurus - 2018

The career horoscope says, that in 2018 especially the loyalty will be crucial for the success of the Taurus people. To be faithful to your employer, to the corporate values and to the needs of your customers – this all will make you feel as strong as the horse pictured on the card ... [ whole horoscope ]

Gemini - 2018 Horoscope Card

Gemini - 2018
Sweet Hearth

Gemini will truly love the work in 2018. You can do anything you want, but the horoscope predicts that your career will flourish as a spring meadow. Anything what will touch Gemini's heart will also direct his or her energy in the proper direction. The Sweet Hearth card also suggests that it may be a secret love, ie the search for new paths to self-realization ... [ whole horoscope ]

Cancer - 2018 Horoscope Card

Cancer - 2018

Sometimes it is necessary to overcome a failure or to accept the fact that you simply do not enjoy the work as it was before. The career horoscope, however, says to Cancer – do not hang your head. Although the 2018 is introduced by the Sadness card, it is a challenge which Cancer may not surrender but overcome ... [ whole horoscope ]

Leo - 2018 Horoscope Card

Leo - 2018

The order and the discipline will help Leo during the 2018 to achieve career goals. The horoscope highlights that you may have a shirt without a tie or even a tattered or creased shirt, unless you are working in a bank of course, and it will make no difference. It will depend mainly on your systematic nature and self-restraint with which you fulfil all tasks ... [ whole horoscope ]

Virgo - 2018 Horoscope Card

Virgo - 2018

Virgo, the home office, your own family business or the career in the real estate will suit you best in the 2018. The horoscope recommends to rely on traditional "domestic" values. The conservative attitude will become the mainstay of the Virgo's career. And traditional ideals (ie honesty and high-quality) the powerful engine of your progress. Virgo ... [ whole horoscope ]

Libra - 2018 Horoscope Card

Libra - 2018

Libra, in 2018 your career life will be accompanied by the envy of the others. But everything bad is also good for something else. The career horoscope predicts that it will be a precious position or location that others may envy you! The nature of such success depends only on the core of the Libra's work ... [ whole horoscope ]

Scorpio - 2018 Horoscope Card

Scorpio - 2018

The career horoscope for 2018 predicts a career success – Scorpio will achieve the triumph in his or her own unique project. The child is the symbol for the culmination of your efforts to materialize your dreams and aspirations. The result of your work will obtain its own face and an independent live during the whole 2018 ... [ whole horoscope ]

Sagittarius - 2018 Horoscope Card

Sagittarius - 2018

According to the 2018 career horoscope, this year represents an excellent opportunity for Sagittarius. You can improve your career prospects and keep smile on your lips at the same time. Sagittarius will thrive in all professions that require human contact and direct negotiation. An example: the horoscope predicts that the Sagittarius programmer may ... [ whole horoscope ]

Capricorn - 2018 Horoscope Card

Capricorn - 2018

The 2018 will bring many strange ideas to Capricorn. The horoscope predicts: the career prospects and the own business plans will fill the mind of Capricorn more than ever before. You can therefore expect an important period, when your future will be determined a long time in advance. The career horoscope reminds Capricorn that 2018 will also ... [ whole horoscope ]

Aquarius - 2018 Horoscope Card

Aquarius - 2018

Aquarius, the time of ascetic seclusion is gone. The career horoscope predicts that Aquarius will work with others as a full-blown team member. A career that will make you happy, is not limited by the four walls of your office, but rather by a constellation of colleagues who surround you and with whom you are creating a team. Throw away the key to ... [ whole horoscope ]

Pisces - 2018 Horoscope Card

Pisces - 2018

In 2018 correspondence and writing in general will be crucial in building the career of Pisces. You should check whether the footer of your e-mails contains all the important data. But the proper signature and the right addressing is not the end but only the very beginning of a successful communication. The main thing is hidden in the middle – it is the content ... [ whole horoscope ]

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Card reading for the 2018 Career Horoscope
Card reading for the 2018 Career Horoscope
Card reading for the 2018 Career Horoscope

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